Data By the Bay

We’re helping to promote Data By the Bay, a large-scale, data-focused gathering with 150 talks, comprising seven conferences over the course of five days.

From the organizers:

50+ founders/CEOs/CTOs, many VPs of Engineering/Directors of Research are presenting the whole spectrum of data flows: end-to-end pipelines encompassing web-scale APIs, microservices, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Deep Learning, and everything in between.

The matrix consists of application verticals and architectural horizontals.

The horizontals include platforms, pipelines, and algorithms. Learn them all, build your next company from lego pieces, and hear a year worth of the world’s best tech talks in the same place. Hot breakfast, infinite Ritual coffee, and 2-hour happy hour with full bar and the company of the speakers every day, 5 days a week.

In-depth talks from Google (BigQuery and Translate), Baidu Research, MetaMind, StitchFix (Deep Learning), Microsoft, Bloomberg, Quora, Kaggle, Dato (Machine Learning), Netflix (Recommender Systems), IBM (Watson), Facebook, ClearStory (DataViz), LinkedIn, Yahoo, H2O, Confluent, Mesosphere (Data Pipelines), Samsung, Automatic (IoT), AMPLab, Databricks, Salesforce, Workday, Cloudera (Spark), Pivotal (OSS), Zillow, Pandora, Nitro, Lucidworks, Mattermark, Credit Karma, Alpine Labs, , University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University, City of San Francisco, and many others.

3 full-day training courses are deep dives into Microservices, Agile Data Science with Spark, and Natural Language Processing.

Only 300 tickets for each day will be available to have a truly intimate technical community atmosphere. Register today! Use the code IBMDATA10 for 10% off.


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