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The STC Heads to Strata + Hadoop World

Strata + Hadoop World San Jose will assemble the world’s best data scientists, analysts and executives from innovative companies of all sizes to share deep, hard-won knowledge.

The theme for this year’s conference is Big Data means big business; learn to survive and thrive in a data-driven world. The Spark Technology Center is headed to Strata to share how data and analytics are changing our everyday lives, and to give attendees a chance to meet the team behind the STC.

See you in San Jose!

Session: Testing and Validating Spark Programs

  • Expanding her Strata NYC talk, “Effective Testing of Spark Programs,” Holden Karau details reasonable validation rules for production jobs and best practices for creating effective tests, as well as options for generating test data.
  • Speaker: Holden Karau
  • When: Wednesday 03/30, 5:10pm–5:50pm
  • Where: 210 A-E

Session: Data Science for Good Means Designing for People

Discover how organizations are designing with instead of for people—accounting for their habits, their data literacy level, and, most importantly, for what drives them in order to make long-lasting impact.

Speakers:Jake Porway (DataKind), Rachel Quint (Hewlett Foundation), Anh Bui (Benetech), Jeremy Anderson (Spark Technology Center | IBM).

  • When: Wednesday 3/30, 11:00-11:40am
  • Where: 211 A-C

Lunch Roundtable: Fast Data: Big Data Evolved

Join IBM and Lightbend for an executive roundtable discussion where they will share their point-of-view of how Big Data is evolving to better support stream processing scenarios and becoming Fast Data. IBM will highlight its commitment and contributions to the ecosystem of open source analytics projects, in particular the momentum behind Apache Spark.

  • When: Tuesday 3/29, 12:00 pm- 3:00 pm
  • Where: Loft Bar and Bistro – San Jose downtown, 90 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA

Meetup: Apache Hadoop…Spark… and Beer Tasting*! *

  • Kick off your week at Strata + Hadoop World with a free beer tasting and meet and greet with folks from the Strata conference and Spark Technology Center. *Satheesh Bandaram, *Director of Hadoop, Spark and Cloud Services at IBM Analytics, will kick off the evening with a short presentation followed by Joel Horwitz, Director of Business Development, IBM Analytics, who will share details of a pilot ecosystem program for Apache Spark.
  • Speaker: Satheesh Bandaram and Joel Horwitz
  • When: Tuesday 3/29, 6:30-9 pm
  • Where: Strike Brewery 2099 S. 10th Street #30, San Jose, CA

Cube Interview

  • Watch the Cube live, and listen in on Holden Karau sharing her perspective on the evolving Hadoop and Spark ecosystems, and how data scientists and engineers are using both.
  • Speaker: Holden Karau
  • When: Thursday 3/31, 12:30pm
  • Where: Watch Live Here


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